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 Stage Magic Props  

Jumbo No Assistant Nest of Boxes

This is the JUMBO version of our best-selling No Assistant Nest of Boxes. The 7 boxes stand over 6 feet tall. Truly a stage-filling effect that can be performed by one person.

Price: $1150 + $95 shipping in U.S. Overseas shipping varies by location.


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Price $1150.00 

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No Assistant Nest of Boxes

Our No Assistant Nest of Boxes is featured by top professionals around the world. A ring, watch, or other small borrowed object disappears and then reappears inside the smallest of four nested boxes that have been in view throughout the entire performance. Truly a one-person effect.

Price: $650 + $50 shipping in U.S.

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Item #NANB


Price $650.00 

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"Hospitality" Drink Act

Created by Jim Steinmeyer and described in his book, Modern Art and Other Mysteries.

Pour white milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, orange juice, cola, clear soda, tomato juice and lemonade all from the same carton. Pass the drinks out to the audience for tasting. They are real! Then tear the carton open an hand it to the audience. A real mystery. Our version has been featured by Lance Burton, Doug Henning and Luis DeMatos, on VH-1 TV's "Celebracadabra" and by Mat Franco on America's Got Talent, among many others.

$625 + $50 shipping in U.S. 

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Price $625.00 

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The Professional JUMBO Cards Across
A classic effect now in JUMBO size!

3 jumbo cards pass invisibly between 10 cards sealed in envelopes held by 2 spectators.

Read the full description. It's a miracle to the audience.

$30 + $5 shippping in the U.S.
Item #JCC

Price $30.00 

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