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No Assistant Nest of Boxes

This is the original. Hundreds sold around the world since 1995. Featured by top professionals including Jeff Hobson, David Williamson, Charles Greene, Paul Gertner and more. The photo shows comedy magician, Tom Burgoon on stage at Harrah's Casino in Reno, Nevada. Tom says: "The Charvet Nest of Boxes closes every show I do." There must be a reason.

The effect is simple and direct. A small object (ring, watch, bill, etc.) is borrowed from a member of the audience and disappears. Then, a locked box that has been in full view throughout the performance is brought forward by a member of the audience (no assistants or stooges) who unlocks the box and removes a second box. Inside the second box is a third box and finally, a fourth box, which is removed by the volunteer and held in their hands. The performer is nowhere near the box. The volunteer opens the fourth box and reveals the borrowed object inside! 

The late Karrell Fox called it "Simply clever and cleverly simple." Remember: This is a one-person effect. Can be performed practically anywhere: in a living room at home, platform, cabaret or stage. No tricky tables or trays. No bottomless boxes. Nothing to add or take away. Completely self-contained. Resets instantly.

Heavy duty, ATA case construction. Laminated finish with aluminum and zinc-plated hardware. Built to last a lifetime. Please specify all-black or multicolor (blue, yellow, black and red) when ordering. Includes DVD instructions. Total weight: 20 pounds.

Note: Each set of boxes is custom-crafted to order by Mark Evans. Please allow up to 30 days.

Price: $650 + $50 shipping in U.S.

Overseas shipping FOB 

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Price $650.00