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The Professional JUMBO Cards Across
A classic effect now in JUMBO size!

An audience volunteer counts 10 cards from a jumbo deck and seals them in an envelope.
A second volunteer counts 10 cards from the pack and has 3 cards selected at random by 3 persons in the audience. Neither the volunteers or magician know what cards have been selected. The 3 cards are returned to the volunteer's stack and the cards are mixed and sealed in an envelope that is held by the second spectator.
Now the magic happens:
The 3 selected cards are commanded to pass invisibly from one envelope to the other. 
The second spectator tears open the envelope thay have been holding and counts the cards: there are only 7!
The first spectator opens their envelope and now finds 13 cards!
The audience members who selected the cards name them and those 3 cards are found to be in the packet of 13. 

A miracle!

• Voluinteers count the cards and hold them in the sealed envelopes.
• The volunteer has 3 cards selected at random by the audience. No forces. No stooges.
• Envelopes are opened by the volunteers after the change takes place.

This modern update to "Zen's Cards Across" comes complete with everything you need:
• Jumbo deck of cards.
• Envelopes.
• Instruction booklet with full details and presentation.

Packs small, plays BIG. Perform in a living room at home or on the largest stage.

$30 + $5 shipping in the U.S.

Item #JCC

Price $30.00