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"Hospitality" Drink Act


Built in cooperation with Jim Steinmeyer.

Pour white milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, orange juice, cola, clear soda, tomato juice and lemonade all from the same carton. Pass the drinks out to the audience for tasting. They are real! Then tear the carton open an hand it to the audience. The carton is unprepared. A real mystery.

This is five minutes of solid entertainment that is different. Can be performed in  a living room at home or on the largest stage. The entire effect packs into the bar/case (except the actual drinks.) No flavorings or essences used. The drinks they taste are the real thing. Use any milk carton or opaque pitcher, cocktail shaker, kettle, etc. All replacement items are easily obtainable at any grocery store.

Case is heavy-duty ATA case construction. Includes DVD instructions and booklet. We do not include a "Magic Milk Pitcher" or a table base to keep the cost low. (Use a chromed waiter's stand available from any restaurant supply store.)

Custom-built to order by Mark Evans. Please allow up to 30 days.

Price: $625 + $50 shipping in U.S.

Overseas shipping FOB.

Watch Mat Franco perform Hospitality on America's Got Talent


Price $625.00