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Willard - A Life Under Canvas

"Willard: A Life Under Canvas is a triumph of production and storytelling. It seems fitting that the story of such a historic family of magic be chronicled in such an exceptional work as this.” - Dustn Stinnett. GENII magazine.

The amazing, true-life story of a legendary magic family.

370 pages. 11" x 8-1/2". Hardbound.

276 rare photographs, including 8 pages in full color.

$85 + $5 shipping in the U.S. 

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Price $85.00 

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Ade Duval - Silken Sorcerer HARDBOUND

NEW! The story of one of the brightest magic stars during the first half of the 20th Century and his remarkable act, "A Rhapsody in Silk" that toured the world. Plus - The secrets of Duval's greatest feats are revealed.

144 pages. Over 130 photos & illustrations. Hardbound. Full color cover. Foreword by Marvyn Roy.

$40.00 + $5.00 shipping in U.S. Overseas shipping FOB

Item #Duval

Price $40.00 

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JARROW: The Humorist Trickster

The story of one of the great magic and comedy stars of the vaudeville era.
Includes a complete revelation of the act that took him around the world, including dozens of rare, never-before-seen photos of Jarrow in performance, explaining his methods.

6" x 9" Hardbound. 168pages.
Item #Jarrow

Price $40.00 

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Ade Duval Silken Sorcerer - SOFTBOUND EDITION
Softbound edition. Item #DUVAL-SB

Price $25.00 

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The Great Nicola

NEW! For the first time, this monograph tells the amazing story of one of the greatest illusionists of the 20th century. Nicola made 4 world tours with 50 tons of equipment between 1910 and 1939. The Nicola show packed theatres everywhere it went. Lavishly illustrated with dozens of photos from Mike Caveney's Egyptian Hall Museum.

32 pages.

Softbound with full color cover.


Plus $5.00 Priority shipping in the U.S. 

Item #Nicola

Price $20.00 

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Behind Their Curtain

"Back-Stories From a Life of Writing and Performing Magical History."

As featured at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. David Charevt recounts the "stories behind the stories" of his books about Gwynne, Virgil, ALexander, Willard, Duval and Virgil. Plus he tells of bringing the magic of Gwynne, Willard, Stoppard and Blackstone back to life on stage. Fascinating reading. 24 pages. Over 50 photographs. Large-format (8-1/2"x11") with full color glossy cover.

$15.00 plus $5.00 shipping in the U.S. ($10.00 shipping elsewhere in the world.)

Item #BTC

Price $15.00 

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Charvet On The Classics

David Charvet share his routines and presentations for four classic pieces of stand-up magic. Includes the Vanishing Wand, Die Box, Cards Across and Linking Rings. Audience-tested effects. Complete with patter and performance tips from hundeds of shows.

30 pages. 6"x9". Softbound. Illustrated.

$15. plus shipping*

(*+$5 shipping in the U.S. Overseas by quote.)

Item #CotC

Price $15.00 

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