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Ade Duval - Silken Sorcerer HARDBOUND

" 'DUVAL' It should be in every young magician's library. Therein lies the true
secrets of magic. Seek and ye shall find. ...It is a vital contribution to our art."
"Charvet recounts the story of Ade Duval's life well, making for quick reading.
...And yet this is not only a 'no tricks' text. Anyone seeking a peek at how a
real pro used solid stand-up material to his advantage will benefit from
studying his routines and secrets. ...With only 500 copies available... along
with the interesting and mostly unavailable information inside, those books
won't be available for long." GABE FAJURI - MAGIC MAGAZINE  
The amazing story of one of the greatest magicians of the 20th Century - who you've probably never heard of before!

Ade Duval's career took him around the world with an act that critics called one of the most beautiful and baffling in magic. Duval's "A Rhapsody in Silk" appeared at such famous spots as the Palace Theater in New York, Radio City Music Hall (4 times!), London Palladium, Wintergarden in Berlin, Rex Theater in Paris, Tivoli Theaters in Australia, and many more. He made the transition to television with a completely different manipulative act featuring his original "Smoking Thumb" routine that amazed audiences (and magicians) multiple-times on the Ed Sullivan Show and other top programs of the 1950's. Tragically, Duval's career and life was cut short at the top of his career. This is his warm and remarkable story, much of it told in Duval's own words.

PLUS: The Magic of Duval. Step backstage and learn the secrets of his landmark routines, including the Multiplying Golf Balls and Smoking Thumb. And, Duval's book, A Rhapsody in Silk, explaining the inner workings of his silk production routine that amazed a generation, has been enlarged and reprinted in this volume. This is a wonderful read for the magic performer, collector or show business fan.

144 pages. Hardbound with full color cover. Over 130 photos and illustrations. Foreword by Marvyn Roy. LIMITED EDITION OF 500 COPIES

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