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Jack Gwynne Trunk Illusion

A new twist on a classic!

Jack Gwynne's subtle method for the classic Substitution Trunk effect, updated with a modern ATA case. Case may be examined and locked using a padlock provided by the audience. In addition, the lid is securely strapped. Yet in a flash the magician escapes or changes places with his assistant! NO folding traps. A fooler! Use your own cover or cabinet.

Compact size fits in the back of your car yet can carry a whole show! 36"w. x 26"h. x 20"d. Approximately 50 pounds. Will ship via UPS. Wil fit a performer up to 6' 3" and 230 lbs. Larger sizes by custom order. Standard color: Black. Custom colors by request. Please allow up to 30 days for production.


+$125 shipping in the US.

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Item #JGT

Price $1050.00 

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